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A map is nothing more than a clear articulation of the context around you. But it's critical to succeed.


The time to connect your audience's story to your offering isn't after you've finished. It's before you start making anything.


If you can't articulate your story in a compelling way, you'll never attract your market. We'll show you how to do it.

Unlike most conferences, each day will be limited to three morning talks, where we'll go over worksheets that you'll have time to work on each afternoon. In other words, while it will inspire and challenge you, this is a working conference.

Day One

1. Reflection: The seeds of your success

As we look into your own past experiences, your own frustrations, we'll find the investments you've already made to solve problems that others are currently facing.

2. Selection: Picking your corner

From those several pain / problem areas that you've already solved, we need to pick a single one to focus on. While the last talk was about looking inward, this talk is about looking outward .

3. Connection: Design thinking in action

Now we'll marry branding, design and solution articulation. We'll learn to shape the definition of our product or service to match an audience and to offer them the right experience.

Day Two

4. Infection: The stories that go viral

We'll look at a variety of stories that connect with audiences and why we need to embed them in our product and our marketing. The easier it is to tell the right story, the easier it is to get the traction we want.

5. Imperfection: The need to launch

The most common reason we're held back isn't external. It's internal - fear, stress, and insecurity. We'll look at what it means to launch a product before it's perfect.

6. Automation: Data, anchoring & marketing decisions

Because we're prone to self-deception, data helps us push towards questions we may not even be asking. From there we'll look at tools to help automate data collection, as well as customer follow-up.

"It would be hard to decide which of these two I would want business advice from. I'm glad I don't have to pick."


Jennifer Bourn

- Ten+ years running a design agency
- Hundreds of custom website projects
- No-pitch selling to various-sized clients

Over the last decade, Jennifer worked with enough entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and small businesses to recognize the common patterns of challenges that stop them from finding success.

Chris Lema

- 20+ years building SaaS products
- 10+ years of strategy coaching
- Hundreds of product launches

Chris is a storyteller who has developed a framework for using narrative across product marketing, product management, and product development. This expertise has helped tons of his clients and it can help you.


"I'm so glad they're doing this. I've been in their workshops before and all I ever want is more!"

Our venue isn't big. Seats will be limited.

Tickets will go on sale shortly. We're checking to see if we can get a larger venue, as interest has already been high. Get on our mailing list so that yo can be notified the moment tickets are available. They'll sell quickly.